Speaker Series – Financial Literacy with Gaurav Lall

Event Title: Financial Literacy Seminar with Gaurav Lall

Date: November 16th, 2023

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: 904, 102 Ave

Join us for a transformative Financial Literacy Seminar with Gaurav Lall, a leading expert in financial education and wealth management. Discover powerful financial concepts, learn to reduce taxes, and grow your money wisely using TFSA, RRSP, RESP, and FHSA. Gaurav will also guide you in planning for a debt-free retirement.

Admission is free!

In a world where financial education is key to securing your future, this seminar equips you with essential knowledge. Don’t miss this opportunity on November 16th at 12:00 PM, 904, 102 Ave. Seize the chance to enhance your financial well-being without any cost. See you there!

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