Parade Registration

At 8AM, all entries will begin assembling off McKellar Avenue: follow the marshals’ directions, and only bring in vehicles that will be used in the Parade; you will be directed to your spot. Passengers may be dropped off on 105th Ave near the arenas.

Parade commences at 10:00 AM Sharp.

Judging of pre-registered entries and ribbon distribution will take place at 9:00 a.m. prior to the parade beginning. Entrants who have not registered will not be judged. Entries must be able to keep up with the flow of the parade or they will be excused. Undecorated vehicles (except those in classic car or vintage category) need not register. Entrants understand that photos will be taken of the parade and may be used in publications and promotional materials.

Candy is not permitted to be thrown from the entries due to safety concerns. Walkers accompanying the float/vehicle may distribute or toss candies close to the spectators. This is to prevent children from running out between vehicles or animals.

Parade will end at the Northern Lights College Campus.

Registration must be in by 5 pm the evening before the parade

Please use the form below to register (scroll within the form to complete it).

Thank you!




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